About Kerry Jo

I’m an #EDU Evangelist

Merriam-Webster defines an evangelist as “an enthusiastic advocate.” I’m absolutely an advocate – I believe in education as an end unto itself, a way to improve ourselves and our society by fostering critical thinking. I also believe in education as a way to develop specific skills.

But who doesn’t, really?

That said, I’ll lay claim to being more enthusiastic than most. And while I don’t bring a masters degree or classroom experience to the party, I’ll bring that enthusiasm, my eye for a good story and undoubtedly a bit of humor to this blog. I hope you’ll find it both enjoyable and informative.

Let’s connect on Twitter! I’m an avid tweeter (@kerryjor) on lots of topics including education, comic book movies, Star Wars, and roller derby.


I spent eight years at Blackboard, an education technology company, where I built the educational programs for BbWorld events and worked with colleges and universities on a variety of projects. Now, when I’m not writing this blog or reading about #EDU, I help organizations build strong communities. How? Through client-focused events, social media marketing and account relationship management. Want to hire me? I can help your organization:

  • Build educational programs that tailor your event’s content to your attendees and give them access to meaningful networking opportunities.
  • Develop social media strategies and promotions to build brand awareness, deepen customer connections and get people talking about you (and your events).
  • Increase your visibility and reach at any event – regardless of the size of your booth or your budget – by engaging with your community before, during and afterwards.
  • Manage call for proposals and speaker selection processes, recruit speakers and promote your program to potential attendees.
  • Create great content and more!

About this Blog

So what is this blog all about? Well, I hope it will be a place where I can share some of the wonderful articles, research and information about education that I find. I’m very connected to the EdTech community and technology in the classroom is always top of mind. But I also am keenly interested in the debate around reform, accountability and topics like discipline, testing and creative teaching.

I also hope to share stories from some of my favorite folks in the #EDU community. Best practices, innovation and more.

But most of all, I want to encourage you to connect with others in the community! Share your comments, your content, and your links. Join me in being an #EDU evangelist!

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